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The latter obliging them to pay the Australian mdia. And if Google is not against the idea of ​​supporting them, it nevertheless rejects this code. Inded, if he accepts it, he will have to pay the Australian press groups when he wants to use their content to integrate them into his search engine. However, according to Mel Silva, responsible for Google in Australia: “ the possibility of creating links freely between websites is fundamental for research. This code creates unreasonable and unmanageable financial and operational risk for our business.

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If the code becomes law in its current form, we would have no choice but to stop making Google search available in Australia . ” She Bulk SMS Thailand also adds that ” there is a way forward that allows us to support Australian journalism without ceasing research”, namely Google News Showcase, a service through which the American company pays mdia to highlight a selection of their content. A product that is already available in Germany and Brazil. But if Australia refuses this proposal, Google will withdraw its search engine from the country. Facd with this threat.

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The Australian government stands firm and declares that other companies like Microsoft could validly replace Google. What would JPB Directory be the consequences of an Australia without Google? Google is the number one search engine in the world. Inded, it alone accounts for 91.38% of the world market share. This is why companies prefer Google for their SEO in order to be better rankd on the web. And in Australia, it occupies 95% of the market. If it withdraws its engine, this will have repercussions on the companies and sites referencd on Google, and also on Apple, which has made it its default search engine. Consequently, we could witness a great vacuum in this country, negatively impacting several sectors of activity.

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