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The more they are, the longer this verification takes. But it is necessary to avoid publishing erroneous content. Similarly, as we have previously indicatd, this tool is able to answer questions on a wide variety of topics. This is a real advantage, which is also a disadvantage because it means that in the event of very technical, very precise requests, the answers providd are not. They remain quite general and must therefore be developd later. The very annoying risk of “copy-paste.

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Another limit concerning the use of ChatGPT must absolutely be mentiond: that of the risk of duplicate content. Inded, to provide texts to its users, this artificial intelligence is basd on existing content. The risk of copying and pasting is therefore Direct Moving Email List significant, especially if they are publishd as is. However, to avoid penalties from Google, in SEO all texts publishd on a website must be unique and original. If they are duplicatd, they penalize the natural referencing of the site. Therefore, before uploading content creatd by ChatGPT, it is better to check if it already exists elsewhere by searching in Google.

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If so, a rewrite is in order. Mentioning these few limits allows us to remember that this tool, as innovative and efficient as it is, can make mistakes and errors. And when you think about it, it’s rather reassuring because it shows us that artificial JPB Directory intelligence is not infallible like human beings after all. However, if we focus on the risk of copying and pasting, another question comes to mind: how does Google treat the texts from this new tool? We are not the only ones to ask ourselves this and for some answers, we must refer to Google’s online recommendations.

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