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The offer represents the amount that search engines are willing to put up each time a user chooses them as their default engine. Thus, the three designatd suppliers will position themselves alongside Google, which will of course be displayd for the Android operating systems of all European countries. Choice of search engine for Android Source big winners The results have fallen in recent days, and they are, to say the least, very surprising. We mentiond this subject at the time of Google’s announcement last August , and the forecasts leand mainly towards the big search engines, competitors of Google.

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For once, we could expect an overwhelming majority of auctions won by Bing and Yahoo!, being the two most serious competitors to the Bulk SMS Austria subsidiary of the company Alphabet. Not at all ! It is DuckDuckGo , the search engine “which does not spy on you”, which has undoubtdly positiond itself throughout Europe , (ex-Infospace), which will also be displayd in the start-up of systems Android from all European countries. As for the third option, it differs according to the country; Bing won only one, but very notable auction the UK market.

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Then, GMX positiond itself on the German-speaking ones with the Netherlands and Austria in addition to the German market. Then, Qwant, the French search engine, movd into the Iberian, Belgian, Italian and French markets, to name JPB Directory a few. Finally, PrivacyWall, Yandex and Seznam share markets that can be describd as “secondary”. List of countries and their search engines 2 List of countries and their search engines Are the cards really rdistributd? As of March 1 , this measure will be fully deployd. The results somewhat reflect the intentions of search engines in their strategy.

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