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It’s an idea that he publicly mentiond last March, and a project that his teams must spend a lot of time on. The primary idea was to benefit from the encryption and privacy of WhatsApp. The CEO of Facebook wants messages to be encryptd end-to-end on all of its applications. “I believe that communication will evolve more towards encryptd and private services, where people will be confident about the security of their discussions. Moreover, their messages and content will not stay online forever. My desire is for Facebook to have an impact in this future contribution.

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Mark zuckerberg Internal discord So this project was clearly not unanimous within the Facebook group. Inded, the latter saw the co-founders of Instagram leave the ship, when the idea of ​​interoperability became more concrete. In Bulk SMS Italy addition, it was Jan Koum, co-founder of WhatsApp, who packd his bags because he did not have the same positions as Facebook when it comes to the use of personal data. We can then remember that at the time of buying WhatsApp and Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg had affirmd that he wantd to preserve the independence of the latter.

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Last November, the two companies had seen the Californian firm associate themselves with their name with this “from Facebook” , in JPB Directory the colors of the applications in question. The will of the American giant was to clearly show that it is the owner. An idea inconsistent with his original intentions. Addition of “From Facebook” on its applications Before/After the addition of “From Facebook” on the applications of the American giant. What to remember? Facebook has rolld out its system, which requires new users of its instant messaging service to have a Facebook account.

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