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Effective email marketing activities will allow us to increase our profits. And it is worth paying enough attention to it Now we know how to create effective mailing campaignswe. Know what we ne to pay attention to when creating messages and that data analysis and personalization are the key to success. Thanks to the use of automation, we can save a lot of time, which is priceless in business. And we gain a whole set of useful tools and reports. What can I use the DMSales platform for when. I have an online store. The DMSales platform is a tool that you can also use to promote your online store.

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How Build a profile of your ial recipient using a range of filters and send them an email with an offer. Dont worry about marketing consent, our databases are GDPR compliant. Install the analytics script on your website. Once we intify a visitor to your store, you can send them a personaliz message. Send email campaigns to people potentially Fax Lists interest in your service using the proprietary lead score algorithm that evaluates the users interest in campaigns. For example you have a store with childrens accessories and you want to reach people who are interest in your offer. Bas on behavioral data from previous thematic campaigns, we know which people will be interest in childrens accessories and you can send your campaign to them.

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Thanks to the platform, you will also carry out SMS campaigns, by means of which you will inform your customers about a timelimit promotion or inform them about the status of the orr. Email campaigns support by SMS marketing bring a much JPB Directory higher return on investment. Do you want to learn about the possibilities of the platform and acquire new customers, as well as increase sales in your online store Digitization of saleswhy is it worth digitizing salesminutes of readingJulyDigital transformation has been the main trend of changes taking place in enterprises for several years. Its main assumption is the introduction and effective use of solutions bas on digital technologies.

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