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Wioleta Szybowska How to prepare your company for the Callpage test in three simple steps min Wioleta Szybowska. Three simple steps to take full advantage of the CallPage trial period. Step Select a team or consultant to answer CallPage calls First you ne to ci which teams users will receive calls generat by CallPage. pending on the size and business goals of your company, you can Direct all calls to one person e.g. to the front sk or directly to yourself Direct calls to several people from one team to the sales team Add several partments teams and route calls pending on the nes of the caller.

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For the duration of the trial period, we recommend adding fewer consultants and adjusting the number of consultants after the trial period ends. To ensure good service to your callers, however, take into account the plann number of incoming calls. Step Haiti Email List Create a test account in CallPage To set up a free CallPage account, all you ne to do is enter your contact tails, company tails and your website address. You do not ne to provi your crit card tails at this stage. After registration is complete, a day free trial begins. Since the trial period lasts only days, we recommend setting up the widget as soon as possible.

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When you log in to the CallPage panel for the first time, our interactive step by step gui will gui you through the most important tabs in the panel. Start with Add phone numbers of your consultants and team members Setting your business hours Personalization JPB Directory of the widget s appearance changing colors or logo The whole thing shouldn t take you more than minutes Step Install the widget on your website The last step is to add the CallPage widget to your website. You can choose one of the recommend installation methods Install the widget using plugins for popular CMS systems such as WordPress.

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