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One of our customers in his review on g .com scrib it this way Every time I get a call from a customer, they are always positively surpris how quickly I was able to call them back They say wow that s a great way for contact . We use it on various websites and they are all a success. Maarten C., Entrepreneur, veloper. Improvement of conversion in online stores E commerce stores most often choose chat as the preferr form of contact with buyers. This is a great solution for many reasons. However, chat has some limitations.

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First, consumers don t always want to wait for a response, and if they feel they ve been waiting too long, they ll simply close the chat window without leaving their contact information. Additionally, when a customer is frustrat with the shopping Maldives Email Lists experience, AI bas chatbots can increase their frustration. Callback can be a great addition to chat. It can be install on select websites, such as select shopping pages or on the shopping cart and payment page. Thanks to it, your users will be able to quickly contact your team, which will quickly answer questions or dispel doubts.

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CallPage is perfect for stores with less traffic, offering more expensive or unusual products, More contacts from potential customers from mobile vices We don t have to convince anyone that a mobile website is important. Almost of internet traffic comes JPB Directory from mobile vices and this number is constantly growing. However, building a highly converting mobile site remains a challenge. Even if you ve built a great mobile friendly page, it s often a challenge to create an effective CTA. Companies try to highlight their contact information on a mobile site, but CallPage goes a step further. In fact, it invites visitors to leave their contact information to quickly connect.

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