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Free email newsletters Among the list of advantages of a CRM system, one cannot fail to mention free mass mailings. Unlimitd Gmail Free Emails is a unique NetHunt feature available with any plan. Eliminating third-party services and the ability to send mailings from CRM saves budget and time, since you no longer ned to export and import address lists and mailing statistics. For mass mailings from Gmail, NetHunt provides all the standard features: instant customer segmentation, detaild statistics, personalizd email templates, sending time schduling, and more.

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It is possible to choose the server through which the mailing will be done: Gmail, NetHunt SMTP or a third-party server from the user company. How to Send Email Campaigns Effectivelyarrow right 4. Add leads to CRM with one click. According Primary Metal Manufacturers Email List to various estimates, the performance of routine operations, which in themselves. Do not lead to sales, takes up to 60% of the working time. The most active “time eaters” are filling out tables. Creating reports, checking mail, and also saving information in the client base. If a company processes a lot of orders, it is easy to. Assume that most of the time is spent on transferring data from various sources to the CRM system.

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A distinctive advantage of CRM systems is the maximum automation of the routine. In NetHunt, leads can be stord in the CRM system JPB Directory completely independently (for example, when an application comes from the site). Otherwise, you can save the desird contact in just one click. To fill out a client card, you do not ned to repeatdly copy and paste contact information. The advantages of a CRM system are that it will find and pull up all open data in the requird fields, and also add a history of correspondence.

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