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Selling via email has a number of advantages that alternative lead sources cannot boast: Return on investment: a well-designd email campaign pays for its preparation costs, increases sales and loyalty of the target audience. Reach: Compard to social mdia, where the reach is only a few percent, emails are receivd by at least 90% of the subscriber base. Reading Depth: On social mdia, people scroll through the fed with little to no lingering on the content. In addition, after reading the post is lost without a trace.

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An email is always available in the mail, and more than half of users spend more than 8 seconds reading it. Design and functions: in chats and Petroleum Manufacturers Email Lists social networks, we are forcd to use only pre-installd features. Layout of email newsletters has an unlimitd number of design options. You can add any interactive elements to the letter. Analytics: Messenger and social mdia analytics are still quite modest. In turn, email marketing allows you to track user behavior in detail. Conversion rate: effective email marketing directly interacts with the target audience who are interestd in promotional offers.

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Therefore, it provides a significantly higher conversion rate than other channels, rivaling only contextual advertising in search JPB Directory networks. So, on average, the percentage of conversion from email newsletters is 2 times higher than from organic traffic to the site and 9 times higher than from traffic from social networks. Audience: Every Internet user has an active email, so email marketing has the potential to reach many Internet users. This is not an exhaustive list of reasons why email marketing is nedd. Unlike new channels that are only being researchd and testd, mass mailings have long passd the test of time and have proven sales techniques.

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