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Let it contain graphics thematically relat to your business, a discreet. Logo of your company has a clear form on which the user can create his own list of tasks. It makes life so much easier, and signing a planner is not difficult.Course Offering a mini course is a great ia for a lead magnet. Prepare a vio or text course on a specific topic. Break it up into short lessons, each of which will cover one topic Then schule automatic sending, make sure that the user receives the next lessons regularly.

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Every Thursday until the end of the course. Discount vouchers People love discounts and getting things for free. For many people, providing an email address is a small price to pay if they can save on purchases. Discount vouchers are a Anguilla Email List very good ia, but giving them away has a certain trap. There may be a situation in which a candidate for a client leaves his email address on the website. Then realizes it during the first purchases and disappears into thin air. It is of no benefit to the company. Therefore, it is worth thinking carefully about the. Rules unr which the customer will be able to reem the voucher or coupon.

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You can offer a voucher for the first purchase, provid that the customer places an orr for a certain amount. Or send discount cos only to loyal customers and regular subscribers. Rememberthe coupon must work reliably Otherwise, you will JPB Directory learn in practice what abandon carts are. Participation in the lottery If you ask any Internet user if he believ in winning the lottery. He would surely say no yet this form of fun is an effective lead magnet Why Probably because of the thrill that comes with it. So you can organize a lottery in which the prize. Will be a product or service of your choice, of course being the subject of your offer.

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