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More and more of them are using the social network. The trend until then was much more orientd towards women. Today, they still represent 60% of active accounts on the platform. Male traffic has been boostd by more than 50% compard to last year’s figures. Also, the real boost of this rise can be validly attributd to the new wave of members belonging to generations Y and Z. They have spent more time there than usual. Platform evolution statistics over the last year (June 2019 to June 2020.

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What are they looking for on the platform essentially? In addition to seeking inspiration for looks and lifestyle, the younger generations also go there to create their future, their future life. They are looking for inspiration to choose their Bulk SMS Iran dream job, the pet to adopt, a new decoration for their living space, and sometimes even inspiration for trips to take as a couple. In the midst of an identity crisis, some are looking for tips to “learn to love your body”, or social movements in which they could participate. Male profiles are much more in search of culinary inspiration, DIY methods, sometimes even fashion inspiration. Sometimes they can express their own creativity without necessarily being judgd by other people, compard to other social networks.

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At least that’s the impression male users of the platform seem to have. As for women, they also turn to decoration inspirations, cooking JPB Directory recipes, fashion and career plans. They use it as a diary and pin down their inspirations to create a decoration for a child’s room, like a bathroom, or their different everyday looks . Our SMO experts are at the forefront of information to best guide you on the choice of social networks on which to deploy your Ads campaigns.

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