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The same is true for insurance, mass distribution and e-commerce. The skills of a Data Scientist To be able to carry out its various missions, a Data Scientist must have certain skills. The latter are of an IT, marketing and statistical nature. Computer science To excel in their job, a Data Scientist must master learning algorithms and programming languages. This is essential to be able to make the massive data it processes accessible and readable for decision makers. Marketing In the field of marketing, data relating to consumers represents a major lever for analyzing a company’s commercial activity.

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Thus, having knowldge of data management tools is also important for a Data Scientist. Among these data management instruments, there are: SAS, SPSS, SAP, Python, Access and Excel. To do marketing, the Data Scientist must also master Fast Food Direct Mail computer languages ​​to communicate with databases. Among the most usd, there is the SQL method (Structurd Query Language) and the no-SQL method. Statistics At this level, it is important for a Data Scientist to master web analysis tools. The best known are Google Analytics and Omniture. Furthermore, having skills on TensorFlow, NumPy, Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Azure will be advantageous for the expert.

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It is thanks to these tools that he will be able to interpret any problems relatd to data marketing. For this interpretation to be consistent with reality, the source of the data must be reliable. Also, the Data Scientist must be able to discern JPB Directory the useful data in the flow of information he receives. The qualities of a Data Scientist In addition to having the relevant hard skills , a Data Scientist must also have specific skills. One of the most important is the analytical mind. The latter will be useful for identifying, understanding and solving the various problems relatd to the voluminous data processd by the company.

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