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What s more, thanks to the pop up and simple form, CallPage encourages your potential customers to leave their contact tails, increasing the number of prospects willing to make a purchase by up to. Faster responses mean more clos sales of customers say that being able to connect with a company immiately is very important. What s more, many customers go for the first offer they receive. They usually don t want to get involv in too many purchasing processes. So before you answer the question ask in the contact form, it is possible that someone will be able to warn you and present an offer earlier.

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That will make you the second option with a chance of losing that contact. With CallPage you will always be the first to respond to customer inquiries. And because your sales reps will have a lead on the line, it finitely increases the conversion rate Mexico Email List from leads to customers. As per Andrea s review CallPage is an excellent app. It helps you gain leads who visit your website and offer them a phone call. First of all, it encourages potential customers to stay on the website for the duration of the conversation. This makes selling much easier.

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Secondly, it really connects the consultant with the client in seconds. What s more, it is easy to implement and does not require the help of a veloper a big plus . Andrei S. Trar Futures Financial Services. Fewer lost sales opportunities According to various JPB Directory data, up to of acquir leads remain unanswer and are lost in the sales process. This is because sales teams struggle with many tasks and responsibilities. Even with perfect work organization, some leads may be overlook. This is especially true for leads from direct connections. Sales reps often forget to call back a number that goes unanswer during lunch or a meeting with another customer.

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