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In other words, when evaluating the effectiveness of work in the intellectual sphere, there should be significantly more criteria and evaluation indicators that will be usd in different combinations depending on the situation. Business intelligence can process large amounts of data quickly and brings leaders much closer to understanding overall performance trends. The availability of information about the employee’s work and the ability to quickly analyze it allows you to make a decision about how the employee should manage working time and how much time is actually nedd to perform certain types of work.

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Comparison of such indicators for several managers will make it possible to draw up standards for the performance of various types Canadian Colleges Universities Email List of work. These details will also help you make a more accurate estimate for your customers and protect your company’s budget from overspending on unproductive use of work time. MONITORING The idea of ​​monitoring labor productivity in departments engagd in intellectual work has been in the air for a long time and was developd after the active growth in the number of IT companies or the development of similar departments in business.

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On the one hand, and the emergence of available tools for calculating and analyzing such indicators, on the other. At the same time, this JPB Directory process causes anxiety in many managers. Nobody wants to be watchd, monitord every movement, as there is a feeling of total control when every little thing that an employee does is under supervision. Of course, such an environment is not suitable for anyone, and the company bears the risk of losing valuable employees. And here advancd technologies come to the rescue, In particular, various CRM, BPM, document management systems and others are successfully usd to monitor working hours.

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