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Why is the welcome email important It pends how you implement it. You can simply greet a new user and thats it. It wont do much, but it will be a nice gesture, showing that the customer is important to you. But you can do much more. You can offer him a welcome bonusthis will encourage him to make the first purchase or consira higher subscription plan in an email you can easily explain the benefits of such a solution and offer preferential terms. You can lead a new user literally by the hand to specific places on your website, provi more tail information, encourage them to subscribe to a newsletter, etc.

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Anything to make him feel appreciat and important. And according to research, it costs up totimes more to acquire new customers than to keep existing ones. So its worth Botswana Email List pampering everyone who came to us. Automation allows you to track the level of customer engagement. And that means that it can stimulate its actions. An example would be a scenario for sending emails to people who have register with a trading company by creating a mo account. This is a service that, although in mo form, is free, subject to a number of legal restrictions.

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In practice, this means that many originally interest users resign at some point without taking the requir action not sending the requir data, scans, consents. Thanks to automation, it is known at which stage a particular user is. This is because when performing a specific action, it goes to a different JPB Directory subset of the database. If everything goes well, according to the assum scenario, subsequent emails gui him through the whole process, providing him with information about the next steps, but also maintaining his interests and sire by weaving technical information with encouragement in the form of benefits to which he will have access after completing the registration process.

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