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On the other hand, although it is the 1st search engine of the dark web, it does not display all the results. Yippy Yippy was formerly known as Clusty and also protects the privacy of its users. Its search results are organizd into folders. To perform better searches, this engine offers several tabs including images, jobs, news, blogs… etc. It filters results using time, source, or topics, presenting the most relevant sites relatd to your searches. It already has more than 200,000 visitors per month with 30% Americans.

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In addition, Yippy is available in tablet PC version, on Nintendo Wii, Smartphone and PC. It also uses results from other search engines Bulk SMS Cyprus to provide more satisfying results. MetaGer Basd in Germany, MetaGer is a popular alternative search engine to Google. With its system basd on 24 websites , it protects the privacy of its users. It also uses search results from over 50 search engines offering a wide variety of results. Moreover, it provides route planning and maps regardless of your geographical position. It is inded a non-profit organization that uses green energy.

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Disconnect This search engine is designd by engineers from Google and the NSA. It is very different from the others since it does not provide search results directly on its website. Inded, it directs your requests to other servers while making JPB Directory your searches anonymous and gives you your results on the engines of your choice. With Disconnect , all you have to do is use your favorite engines while keeping your privacy. These proposd functions are quite multiple, and allow the blocking of the follow-up of certain sites, the consultation of the requests for advertisements and many others still. Lukol If you still want to browse Google without being trackd, then opt for the Lukol search engine . The latter preserves the privacy of its users while providing them with Google results.

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