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Only that, some mailboxesGmail use very restrictive antispam filters that look more closely at messages from “noreply” senrs. It may turn out that because of such a prosaic thing, the message will be rat worse by the filter and will not appear in the “Inbox” folr, but in spam. Sending messages from such an address also has another disadvantageyou give up contact with your customers. An example would be the purchase of a new multimia course by your client. After the purchase, the customer visits the website, but has a problem downloading the content for which he has just paid.

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Writes you a message, sends you in response to the last email receivmost often it is with confirmation of the orr and silence ensues.. The customer is dissatisfi, and you are not aware that something is not working as it should, because there is no contact with you in this matter channel. And you Comoros Email List could facilitate contact and have a satisfi customer, right Dischargemust be fast and effective There is nothing worse in email marketing than making it difficult to unsubscribe people from our database. According to the Regulation on Personal Data GDPR, unsubscribing from the database, and more specifically withdrawing consent to be contact, should not be more difficult than expressing this consent.

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But let’s consir why we should not keep people in the database who do not want to receive corresponnce from us First of all, these people are not interest in our products and corresponnce, so with a high gree of probability they will not even open the message, let alone go to the website or buy our JPB Directory product. We pay for each message, so in this case we spend our budget on people who are not interest and additionally we damage our image. In the era of social mia, information and opinions especially negative ones about companies spread in an alarmingly short time. It is enough that someone will not be able to unsubscribe from the mailing database, they will still receive messages and, out of helplessness.

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