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This comparison function is materializd by the presentation of a table which offers columns for each element to be compard and another for the difference between them. The goal is to make an objective assessment of improvements or setbacks. This functionality seems rather practical and allows a clear visibility on the good functioning of the data as one can want it. The design of this tool also makes it possible to slice up the report on the services of Google Search Console. From the addition of regex support.

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To updates to filtering information from comparison reports, it’s possible to do more probing of Google’s search system data. A logical analysis of statistics Google Search Console’s performance report comparison feature now considers Email List of Business Opportunity Seekers panes where more than one metric is selectd. It is possible to notice that in the past, the nd to take into account several statistics at the same time is hamperd by the fact that the table does not have enough columns for the comparison, followd by the difference in percentage. This new function has come at the right time to make it easier to display results consecutively by doubling the scope available for the data table.

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With comparison mode, the new regex filter is taken into account for requests and pages in cases where multiple statistics are selectd. It goes without saying that with the notoriety of Google around the world, this firm spares no effort in JPB Directory its policy of allowing the millions of users of its platform to be more comfortable with this search engine. , and to explore the latter in all its dimensions. In fact, it refers to a database and knowldge dating back to 2021. Therefore, the information it provides is no longer necessarily current and must be verifid.

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