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For example, a person who subscribes to a newsletter is less likely to buy a product than someone who adds an item to their shopping cart and requests a call back. How “quality” a lead really is can only be assessd at the stage of personal contact. Lead types In the simplest version, there are 3 types of leads according to the degree of readiness to purchase a product: Cold leads are people who do not yet have any information about the product and an active interest in purchasing it. Warm leads are potentially interestd buyers who, for some reason, are not ready to make a purchase right now.

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Hot leads are those who are ready to make a deal. After assessing the quality of leads, it’s time to apply the most appropriate sales tactics, as C Level Executive List well as prioritize work. How to work with different types of leads? If the company receives 1-2 leads per week, they can be dealt with manually. But the more leads in the work at the same time, the more difficult it is to process them. Automation tools come to the rescue. First of all, it is useful to immdiately save all receivd leads in CRM.

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Firstly, in the CRM system, it is convenient to sort leads by type, distribute them among employees and monitor the progress of work. Secondly, the CRM system has the functionality to analyze the progress of leads through the sales funnel: both for JPB Directory each client individually and for dynamics in general. Thanks to this, you can improve the way you process various leads, increasing the conversion rate. Thirdly, work with leads in CRM is largely automatd. This saves employees time and helps keep data organizd. Fourthly, the entire history of interaction with each client is stord in CRM. Each type of lead neds its own approach. The sales department works with hot leads . Mass mailings The unlimitd mass mailing feature is already includd in NetHunt.

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