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Global lockdown extendd due to COVID-19 On the one hand, it is imperative to specify that the coronavirus has strongly contributd to the excding of this new threshold. During the confinement put in place in almost all the countries of the world, Internet users had no choice but to occupy their minds as best they could. And that obviously involvd looking for inspiration of all kinds, in all fields, on the web. On this subject, Pinterest has been able to be a real source of information. It is therefore only natural that the figures of the platform have suddenly increasd, to the point of crossing this new level.

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Pinterest has seen a meteoric rise in its number of visits per month. On the other hand, the various statistics sufficiently prove that the subjects which have been broachd there appeal more and more to the public. The latter wishes to Bulk SMS Portugal come back regularly to see what the platform has to offer again. The ergonomics of the Pinterest platform The particular health situation experiencd by the year 2020 was not the only driver of this connection peak. Indd, the social network is also constantly working to improve the offer offerd on its platform. If it is not by perfecting its algorithm, it is by allowing the development of new functionalities, very practical for its users.

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It is in this sense that it has, for example, associatd itself with Shopify . This new collaboration has enabld merchants present on the JPB Directory platform. To directly load their catalog and immdiately publish the pins of products still in stock in their shop. This very practical feature, which attracts people, still has a very bright future ahead of it. What are the profiles of the new members of the Pinterest concept? Surprisingly, a strong presence of men has been seen on Pinterest recently.

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