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We are at a time when devices equippd with a camera device are more than common. Moreover, it is also very easy to insert images online. So, this leads to not paying much attention to the optimization of these mdia. Often, images are, for example, neither resizd nor compressd before being addd online. There is also almost 17% who work five days a week for more than eight hours. Professionals will not be surprisd by these data from the study; it is the demands of the marketing industry that lead to such a workload.

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Afterwards, Best SEO Companies took an interest in the reasons that can make these hours of work complicatd; the reason that comes up the most is the short deadlines. Inded, it is complicatd to juggle between involvement in numerous CMO Email Lists tasks and missions, and the desire to bring satisfaction to all of its customers. This joins one of the other reasons that most frustrate specialists, which is the time given to obtain results. We can also mention points such as irritating customers, with unrealistic expectations, or even changes in project parameters that annoy SEO experts.

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So with hours that can be considerd grueling, and frustrating factors, it is very common to find employees who are professionally exhaustd. The results of a Digiday study on burnouts support the idea of ​​a correlation between JPB Directory the number of working hours per week and mental health. A short-term view Then, the American platform decidd to focus on the career plans of the respondents. And, the results are very clear: almost 70% do not intend to stay more than six years in the SEO industry.

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