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According to Google, this sense of trust is necessary when we search in sensitive areas such as finances and health. The indications given by the contextual menu come on the one hand from reliable information collectd by Google robots, and on the other hand from Wikipdia content. This online encyclopdia relies on the contributions of thousands of volunteers around the world. It is a reference in terms of knowldge thanks to its verifid and verifiable sources.

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A tool that also checks the security of websites In the event that the mdia does not (yet) have a Wikipdia page, the new Google feature displays SMS Gateway Denmark other information. In particular, it indicates when the site was indexd for the first time. One way to draw attention to the degree of trust to be given to a new site: when facd with a stranger, you should almost never start believing everything at the risk of being foold… In addition, the new tool from Google tells us about the level of security of a platform, by referring to the HTTPS transmission protocol. You are thus assurd of staying in a safe place on the Internet where there are many threats.

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A new feature rolling out only in the Unitd States for now To date, the contextual menu is only available in the Unitd States, in JPB Directory English, on computers and Android mobiles. The date of deployment in the rest of the world has not yet been communicatd. Nevertheless, Google ensures that this tool will enlighten Internet users and allow them to find useful information. At the same time, it will make each of us responsible for unverifid content, particularly that from conspiratorial sites.

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