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This may come as no surprise to you, but marketers who are embracing mobile solutions may be the most successful in the industry, according to a new study. Marketing analytics firm ibyphone’s 2014 state of marketing measurement survey found that mobile marketers are more successful at linking campaigns across all channels, as opposed to Do you have a non-mobile marketers.

“The explosion of mobile technology has blurred the line between online and offline strategies for marketing measurement,” ifbyphone ceo irv shapiro said in the report. “Marketers with high marketing iqs are embracing mobile strategies without abandoning other channels, both digital and analog. By integrating multichannel measurement solutions, mobile marketers are deriving actionable insights to fuel growth strategies.

Other findings from the study include

Mobile-focused marketers are reporting more metrics across every channel compared to general marketers.
The majority of business leaders surveyed said that they are committed to supporting their marketing teams, but want the result of their work telephone number list to be more about conversion-related metrics.
The top marketing tools that most businesses are using include web analytics, search engine optimization (seo), pay-per-click (ppc) tools, customer relationship management (crm), mobile or responsive websites and call tracking.
More than half of adults in the united states are Do you have a regular users of smartphones and tablets and this figure is only expected to increase in coming years. It’s imperative that small business owners pursue mobile marketing solutions in order to effectively reach their target audience.

Small businesses that want to stay ahead of their competitors and continue to be relevant should consider partnering with a local business internet marketing firm like keymedia solutions.

If you've been on the fence about increasing your business digital marketing budget

You may want to open your wallet, according to a new study conducted by market research firm gartner. The group’s latest digital marketing spending states that advertising budgets will increase by 10 percent this year.

The research group surveyed 300 marketing professionals that answered on behalf of their organizations. They represented a JPB Directory variety Do you have a of industries including financial services, retail and media. Eleven percent of respondents said that their companies spent half of their marketing budgets on internet marketing solutions. This figure was just 3 percent a year ago.

What has caused this jump? As you may have guessed, the increased use mobile devices has influenced how companies are choosing to reach potential customers.

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