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Achieve this, the expert must have certain skills and demonstrate a certain number of specific skills. These are generally acquird during specific training. Discover in this document, everything you ned to know about the profession of Data Scientist in 2023. Data Science: definition Data Science is a field of activity that ensures the transformation of raw data into intelligible and exploitable information. It thus responds to the exponential increase in digital data transiting on the web, due to the digitization of companies. Data Science therefore helps companies manage the information from customers, prospects and competitors that they collect on a daily basis.

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This data management involves the collection, conservation or storage, processing, analysis and communication of information. These different missions are entrustd to the Data Scientist. The role of a Data Scientist The Data Scientist Event Planner Email List is generally attachd to the information systems department (DSI) of a company. His function within the said directorate is to analyze and exploit the data of customers, qualifid leads and even personnel working in the company. This information is collectd through different channels. To fully play their role, the Data Scientist will first identify the analysis tools at their disposal. He will then define the data storage solutions and target those that are relevant to the business.

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Likewise, he will build algorithms and develop prdiction models to anticipate changes in the data. Finally, the professional will create JPB Directory appropriate dashboards to make them readable and usable. The Data Scientist must therefore have a very global vision of the massive data that enters and leaves the company’s servers on a daily basis. In this way, he will be able to create prdictive models and simplify the strategic decision-making of those authorizd to do so. This is why the Data Scientist is in demand in business sectors such as IT and finance.

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