Did Proctor & Gamble do the right thing

In the fast pace digital world we live in, where everyone seems to have a smartphone or tablet, it is imperative that our marketing decisions Did Proctor & Gamble  are based on what is working. How do you know what is working? What information do you already have to help you make these marketing decision, and do you know what your data is telling you?

Any initiative that sends a user to your website is part of your company’s digital intelligence. Reading and understanding this digital information is the key to deciding what is working and what is not based on your company’s goals. From the source the user came to your website from; to the pages within your site they viewed; to how long they stayed on each page and weather or not they filled out a form on your site. This is all part of the larger picture to determine how your consumers are interacting with your brand both on and offline.

If you have universal analytics from google

You have access to the information you need to make the ever changing marketing decisions for your company. Analytics can tell you were the Did Proctor & Gamble  primary source of your website traffic is coming from, it can tell you what kind phone leads of device they used while searching your site, the options are almost limitless to the information available to you with analytics. By utilizing your digital intelligence, you are able to make smarter decisions when allocating your marketing dollars, which is key in the ever-changing digital world.
Hello from chris bohlen, the most recent addition to the keymedia team. After graduation from college, I had aspirations not that different from many other post-graduates. I basically wanted to be don drapper; with the intent of one day owning “my” own agency and managing it from a fishing boat in the gulf. Today, I am working toward that dream, with a different route than I would have imagined.

My first job out of college was in a print shop

I had some great experiences and really learned a lot about the process and work that goes into printing (to this day I still have the reaction to feel Did Proctor & Gamble  paper for it’s weight and grain). However, after awhile, I was lured JPB Directory away by my ambition of a greater challenge. I moved my career forward as an account executive for a local cable/internet provider. My main goal was to help be a voice for the small business owners in an already over-populated market place. I built strong relationships with my customers, and I truly learned what was best for my clients. After time, I began to lose faith in the product I was selling. I felt my accounts should not be putting all their eggs into one proverbial “marketing basket.

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