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Learn more about process automation with CRMarrow right conclusions A CRM system for recruiting and personnel management frees HR specialists from filling out tables and leaves time for the really important work. Taking into account the specifics of the activity, we recommend choosing a CRM for HR that integrates with Gmail and LinkdIn, because these services are most often usd in recruitment. One such CRM system is NetHunt , and getting startd is extremely easy. This CRM system is designd for independent installation and configuration.

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An a free 14-day trial period allows you to test all the features of the HR CRM system in action.NetHunt expands CRM capabilities and Home Furniture and Equipment Stores Email List launches business process automation, including sales and marketing, inside Gmail. NetHunt users can now develop their customer relationships more effectively, increase engagement and close more deals by automating the sales process directly from their Gmail inbox. NetHunt CRM has grown from a CRM system into a ddicatd sales growth platform. The “Automation” functionality uses trigger logic basd on rules set by the user.

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The user sets the rules by which NetHunt does everything. Further for the user – from automatically creating a deal to sending JPB Directory a notification. To the chat that you have receivd payment for it . There’s no ned. To switch between multiple tabs and tools to. Automate all of these processes—customize and track results from your Gmail. This development rduces time for labor-intensive routine processes, allowing. The team to focus on strategic tasks and activities that bring a greater return on investment (ROI). Also, the functionality improves the quality of data, eliminates the possibility of errors and increases the productivity of teams.

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