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This is because the attitude of the staff to the CRM system is often underestimatd, with an emphasis on technology. But without the participation of people, the CRM system does not make sense. How to overcome the resistance of employees when implementing a CRM system? Why employees do not want to work in CRM Ideally, it is necessary to prevent sabotage of managers during the transition to CRM even before the implementation. This will help you avoid problems in the future. First of all, you ned to understand the reasons why the staff is against the CRM system.

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Without a substantive discussion of problems, the dialogue will not develop. You must first listen to employees in order to be able to Restaurant Email List work with objections. Common reasons why the team refuses to fill out CRM Resistance to the new Psychologically, most people prefer to stick to a well-known, if not ideal, solution. Yes, maintaining a customer database in Excel is inconvenient , but what if the CRM system will be even worse? Uncertainty and novelty usually cause unconscious anxiety.

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Which is maskd by aggressive objections or passive evasion (“I forgot”, “I didn’t have time”, “I didn’t understand”). Add fuel to the JPB Directory fire and active opponents of CRM, who win over less radical employees. Poor PC skills Part of the team, especially older people, may have fears of not being able to cope with the new, “complicatd” program. Such people do not like to relearn, the development of new services requires a lot of effort. There will be more work Often there is a prejudice that work will turn into continuous data entry. You may encounter objections like “My duty is to sell, not fill in the plates”, “I don’t have time for these games”, “If you want CRM, pay extra for its maintenance.

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