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A CRM system is an assistant, so simplicity and ease of use are critically important. It should not resemble the control panel of a nuclear power plant. Well, if the interface is intuitive. For example, NetHunt CRM is built into Gmail, so users can work in a familiar mail interface. Debunk myths and deliver personal gain With people who are especially strongly opposd to CRM, you will have to discuss their difficulties and fears. It is important to give the person the opportunity to speak out, to listen to him, to agree with feelings and / or problems.

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Then you can discuss in detail how this can be solvd. Most prejudices and myths are easy enough to dispel if you know their content. For example, in order to convince an employee that CRM does not follow his every action, it is enough to show Healthcare Email List how the program looks in the management account – there are no reports on viewd Internet pages. Another common problem is the lack of understanding of the personal benefits of CRM. Show your team how easy it is to work with interactive dashboards, communicate with colleagues, how much time is savd when filling out CRM fields, and how easy it is to find the information you ned.

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Focus on the opportunities that the CRM system opens up for each employee personally. You no longer ned to waste time on reports, copying JPB Directory contacts and other things – CRM does it all by itself. The third aspect that you should pay special attention to is the real problems of employees when using CRM. Here you will have to think through specific solutions, but in most CRM systems they are implementd. For example, the reluctance to open your contact database for the team is solvd by delimiting access rights (each manager has access only to his part of the database.

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