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Accordingly, the period of planning and budgeting is rducd and we are no longer talking about long-term forecasts. This requires business leaders to significantly accelerate the process of formation and decision-making. Uncertainty. The acceleration in the onset of change entails a misunderstanding of what is happening in business. We are forcd to act on the basis of incomplete and no longer relevant information. However, our tendency to rely on establishd methods and solutions makes it impossible to understand this Complexity.

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The use of management methods and tools traditional for a stable world significantly complicates the process of making managerial Medical Surgical and Dental Equipments Email List decisions and the operational work of the business as a whole. Such well-establishd management methods through the analysis of regular reporting, approvals, and the like become a brake on a quick response to challenges. Ambiguity. Being constantly in a state of time pressure, being busy with current issues that usually nedd to be resolvd the day before yesterday, and the lack of up-to-date information lead to the inability of the manager to understand the significance of this or that event, its impact on the further development of the business.

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This entails a high risk of incorrect response, making false management decisions. Basd on my experience, I can say with a high JPB Directory degree of certainty that the vast majority of our companies have not yet adaptd to the VUCA world. We continue to draw up long-term plans and unrealizable budgets, use accounting tools that were popular 10 years ago, study obsolete reports and make management decisions basd on all this!!!! Now let’s read the first paragraph again. It also applies to the VUCA world.

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