comScore 166 million Americans own a smartphone

We’ll admit that we may be beginning to sound like a broken record, as we’ve written quite a bit about why small businesses need to pursue mobile comScore 166 million marketing solutions. But more and more individuals are becoming regular users of smartphones and tablets and it is imperative that marketers are able to reach this consumer base.

How many people are actually using these devices? The latest comscore mobilens report has found that 166 million americans over the age of 13 own smartphones. That’s 57 percent of the population within this age group. This doesn’t even account for individuals who use tablets or other devices like the ipod touch that have smartphone capabilities without cellular access.

So what does this mean for you as a small business owner

You should consider marketing strategies that will attract mobile device users. This is especially important if you are in the retail business.

Another report from comscore, along with millennial media, found that more than half the time spent on retail websites was on mobile devices buy phone number list rather comScore 166 million than desktop computers. Other industries that are seeing more mobile use include music, health, news and sports.

The report also provided additional insight about the mobile device use of various demographics. For example, on retail websites, women from age 25-49 spend more time using smartphones and tablets. In slight contrast, streaming radio showed a mobile majority across all age groups.

Implementing a mobile first strategy involves more

Than just creating a bare bones website JPB Directory that fits into the screen of a 2008-era smartphone. To learn about more advanced small business internet marketing strategies, consider partnering with keymedia solutions.

Mobile isn’t the future: it’s now. More than half of american adults own at least one mobile device, and that figure is only expected to increase in comScore 166 million the years to come. Despite the rapid growth of mobile, there are some small business owners who do not see the importance of reaching out to this audience. One common misconception about mobile-friendly websites is that they are only necessary for businesses engaging in ecommerce.

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