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Commerce brands in the clothing industry can fight this problem by presenting how to choose the right size, using graphics, as well as showing the exact dimensions of products, but also showing the fit and cut of a given item of clothing. How to check abandon carts As we mention earlier, cart abandonment happens for many reasons and varies by industry, but also by the individual characteristics of a given company. While it may be argu that the color of the add to cart button has no effect on the conversion rate, it is true that you ne to test different solutions to find out why carts are abandon on your store.

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Google Analytics Google Analytics is the standard e commerce tool for traffic analysis. You can find your overall cart abandonment rate in your GA account. Go to Conversions Ecommerce Sales Performance in your Google Analytics report. Here you will be Netherlands Email List able to see the number of abandon carts at each stage of the shopping process. This report, while basic, is a great place to start rucing your abandon cart. Session tracking Tools like Hotjar are plugins that can help ruce cart abandonment. One of the strongest tools they offer is screen recording. This tool will record one out of several sessions of your user.

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You will be able to see where they move the mouse, how they behave and how they move around your store. You will also be able to see why users abandon their cart and ci not to purchase. While it s important not to make significant changes bas JPB Directory on the actions of a single user, summariz insights from screen recordings can help you unrstand cart abandonment issues in more tail. Broken links, confusing navigation and slow loading are all issues that contribute to cart abandonment and issues that we can capture in screen recordings of our site users.

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