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Upstream preparation First of all, you should know that preparing for the sales starts with checking the exact stocks of goods available in your store. It requires a lot of rigor for a very precise precision of the products that you will be able to offer to your prospects. To avoid this, Google with its Local Inventory Ads offers you the possibility of having the quantity of products in stock in real time. If you operate advertising on products that are actually “Out of stock” , you risk attracting the wrath of search engines.

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A bad rating given on Google Ads during sales, are you sure it’s really the thing you ned right now? In addition, a potential customer who by clicking on an advertising link is rdirectd to a non-existent link or a product out of stock, will have Email Marketing to Physicians a very bad impression and may suddenly interrupt the visit to your site. Remember to update all data on time. The optimization rate of a campaign should always be above 90%. 1- The pre-sales organization of your advertising campaigns Any advertising campaign for sales should always be prepard a few days or even weeks in advance.

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This makes it possible to leave a certain margin of time. Because this often requires the validation. Of the advertisements which JPB Directory contain it. Attractive words such as “sales”as well as any other indication. Alluding to a possible rduction for the prospect must be put forward. Another thing that we don’t necessarily think about, but the visuals must be refind. Avoid frills. Your customers already know that these are sales, keep it simple. Talking images , a click-through message and your brand identityto tell the customer who it is. A page announcing sales at the Nat & Nin brand.

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