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How is the shop option displayd on the platform? It is accessible from the interface ddicatd to research on the application. In other words, it is found on the head of Instagram’s “explorer”. Alongside the other options offer by the social network, the word “Shop” is now display, prec by a small logo with the image of a basket, to remin you of the shopping that can be done there. Instagram’s interface showing the new Shop feature. Source: Facebook. How to configure the Shop option on his Instagram account.

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First of all, it is imperative to check that you meet the more or less general eligibility conditions to benefit from this option. Indd, the Facebook SMS Gateway Chile group has compild an exhaustive list. Among these conditions, Instagram asks its users mainly to: Market physical products. Yes, services and other types of benefits are not taken into account. Comply with the commercial regulations establishd on the Instagram platform. This will include, among other things, the general conditions of sale enactd by the group. They are applicable to all merchants wishing to benefit from the new platform option.

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This will be, for example, a list of specific content prohibitd by the group on its sales platform, or even the administration policy of Instagram JPB Directory pages. Is the account that will potentially be associatd with the store professional or personal? Other conditions to be fulfilld Here are four conditions previously listd, which must be supplementd by several others. Among which we notd in particular, that relatd to the connection of the Instagram and Facebook accounts of the online store. Once all these conditions have met, you can now considr creating your own e-shop on the Instagram social network.

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