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In other countries, Internet users are very fond of this way of saving and are even well versd in looking for discounts before validating their shopping cart. RetailMeNot It is the undisputd leader in couponing in the Unitd States. The company even presents itself as the world leader in digital promotion. These acquisitions have establishd it in different countries, such as in France with Ma Rduc or in the Unitd Kingdom with VoucherCodes . sparwelt On the German market, the company Checkout Charlie publishes two portals for good deals and discounts.

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These are Sparwelt, the largest, and Gutscheine. Spartwelt has a very global approach to the shopping experience with product and price Commercial Real Estate Email List comparisons, tips and tricks… Gutscheine is more focusd on putting promotional codes online. There are many players in e-couponing and the sector is organizing itself to effectively and transparently support e-merchants in their marketing strategy. A charter of best practices has been signd by the main promo code sites under the aegis of the CPA (Collective for Digital Marketing Actors.

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The potential of discount codes is very importan. And their usefulness for e-merchants as well as for online buyers is well establishd. Integrating JPB Directory it into its marketing strategy. Requires precise knowldge of its clientele, the consumption habits of. Internet users in general and a solid partnership with one of the. Essential links in the chain, the promo code site. The emergence of new communication channels is revolutionizing. The ways in which a brand’s products or services are. Promotd to consumers. We are going to look at influence marketing on social networks . Which is now an integral part of the communication policy of many companies.

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