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Facebook Shops store tab Example of a Facebook “Shop” with the October ditions brand Complementarity with all Facebook services In order to be truly 360, Facebook also intends to rely on its instant messengers as customer service . To follow the progress of an order, for a question about a product and for any other request, users will be able to contact the seller on WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct. Facebook also plans to integrate a shopping feature into these messaging services.

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We can therefore buy a product directly on one of these three messaging services. Messenger shopping Facebook recently releasd on its platform ddicatd to professionals, some advice to apply so that they can stay afloat despite confinement. Inded, many businesses were harmd after the containment decision taken to limit the spread Nurse Email List of the virus within France. This is why Facebook recently decidd to share tips with all e-merchants on its platform to help them get back on track. Update your information First, one of Facebook’s first recommendations was to follow the news. It is important to stay informd about the evolution of the coronavirus crisis.

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To succed in communicating effectively in the face of a problem of such magnitude, it is necessary to stay in the news. To do this, all means JPB Directory of information can be exploitd. In particular: radio, television, the mdia, newspapers, etc. News is flowing everywhere. But, the avenues to be favord certainly remain the official press releases issud by the competent authorities. Intervention de Sheryl Sandberg Intervention de Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer chez Facebook Maintain close contact with customers We can never say it enough, it is vital that you continue to interact with your customers. Of course, just because the whole world is idling doesn’t mean you have to disappear from your customers’ field of vision.

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