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The widget is display on your website and invites users to make an appointment. Your potential client fills out the form and leaves contact tails. Bas on the response, CallPage shows the calendar of the appropriate representative of your team. The website visitor books a free time directly in the pop up window. After schuling the meeting, your client and your company representative will receive an invitation to participate in the event that has been publish in your Google Office calendar. Information about the schul meeting can also be found in the CallPage panel in the LEADS tab.

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Advantages of using CallPage Meetings The main benefit of using CallPage Meetings is that Meetings automatically captures leads from your website and enables them to make appointments at the same time. Lead distribution CallPage Meetings Ireland Email Database automatically qualifies and books meetings with the right consultant in your company. Bas on the method of assigning consultants bas on the answers post by users, Meetings automatically directs them to the right person. Personalization of the widget Personalize the appearance of the pop up in terms of colors matching the appearance of your website. In addition, Meetings allows you to add fields in the form.

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Which you will collect the necessary contact tails and any other information ne to arrange a meeting. Offline and online appointment schuling You can connect CallPage Meetings with various online meeting tools and send meeting links directly in emails. You can JPB Directory also add an offline meeting option and invite users to meet at your premises or office. Real time availability The CallPage Meetings widget always displays the hours available for booking according to the integrat calendar and consultant s availability hours. You can also set time intervals between meetings to give consultants time to prepare. Automatic reminrs After schuling a meeting, both your client and your team member will receive an automatic notification in the form of an e mail or text message.

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