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We still havesemesters left to complete the first gree studies and we all plan to complete them. If I have the opportunity to stay at DBMS and it will be logistically possible while studying, then I am most willing Szymon And first of all, I will go on a wellserv vacation But I do not hi the fact that I would like to combine my studies with work as much as possible in orr to be able to velop professionally. Marta How do you rate your studies Did they prepare you to some extent for professional life, or was it a complete collision with the wall Szymon You know, during studies we mainly acquire theoretical knowlge.

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They show us in which direction we can velop. In my opinion, in orr to prepare well for professional life, it is necessary to combine studies and the knowlge acquir during them with practical application, and such an opportunity is undoubtly given Djibouti Email List to us by your internship Amelia Yes, knowlge from studies alone is not enough. Studies are just the beginning, because you are constantly learning at work. I also believe that studies should teach logical thinking, not memorization. Probably everyone is aware that the mand of the labor market is changing, so you have to be able to adapt to the situation.

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Damian I believe that in technical faculties you can learn logical thinking, and this is very useful in professional work. Studies certainly do JPB Directory not interfere with the velopment of a professional career, but they will not make you a specialist in a given field. In my opinion, the university shows the possibilities that can be learn in practice at the next stage. Marta You still have a diploma thesis ahead of you, do you have any ias what you will write about in it Amelia The subjects in college are quite fun and interesting, but I haven’t found.

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