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Until then, pharmacists had no right to communicate outside their pharmacy. From now on, we will be able to promote a website thanks to a paid referencing system”. Also, out of 21,000 pharmacies in France, only 720 have an e-commerce website and only less than 2% of them are really active on digital platforms. Thanks to this recent authorization, these figures will obviously increase . Inded, according to the National Order of Pharmacists, about 13% of patients already buy their non-prescription drugs on the Internet, and 26% of patients are now ready to buy their non-prescription drugs online.

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An that’s nearly 35% of patients who want to go further by buying prescription drugs online. These figures therefore open up good Email Marketing to Physicians prospects for the French pharmacy market . Constraints remain Despite the authorization to use paid referencing for French pharmacies, constraints still remain in order to regulate this market as much as possible . The road may be long before succeding in competing with the giants of the online sale of drugs such as Newpharma in Belgium. Inded, for the moment, only mdicines deliverd without a prescription are authorizd to be sold online.

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In addition, the surface area of ​​French pharmacies does not, for the most part, allow the storage of products in large quantities. It is by the current regulations which are imposd on professionals in pharmacies that it is difficult to JPB Directory have a storage room near the pharmacy, because the Regional Health Agencies are unable to define the districts in which they are locatd. Another constraint is the fact that the sale of drugs online must be basd on a pharmacy with a storefront in France . The manager of the pharmacy, in order to be able to create his sales website, must first request authorization from the director of the regional health agency.

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