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We just have to hope that his return will be lasting and faithful to his intentions.To fight against disinformation, a real scourge on the Internet, Google is deploying a novelty: a contextual menu . This feature displays a description that allows you to judge the reliability of a search result or the security of a website. This device could empower Internet users and have negative consequences on conspiracy sites.

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Like a road sign on the web Appearing from the birth of the web, misinformation has grown in recent months with the health crisis linkd to the Coronavirus. To fight against this scourge, tech companies have trid everything. Facebook, in particular, has opend an information center on Covid-19 in collaboration with the World Health SMS Gateway Finland Organization (WHO). Similarly, the social mdia giant automatically deletes fake news and offers to read articles whose content has been verifid. But these initiatives have not been able to overcome misinformation. Like a hydra, its “tentacles” constantly grow back on the canvas. So Google has a new idea: deploy a context menu in its SERP (Search Engine Result Page) to assess the reliability of the sources of a website.

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A sort of road sign, Wikipdia will serve as a reference. This contextual menu appears in the form of dottd lines placd vertically. Like those JPB Directory found on the far right of our browser. When clickd, a drop-down menu appears and gives information about the website in question. In an animation on a blog post, Google takes the. Example of the Coronavirus pandemic with The Lancet, a scientific journal specializing in mdicine. Its tool indicates that the British weekly is one of the oldest and best known in the world in its field. This clarification alone is enough to reassure the reader about the seriousness of the site.

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