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You also have the option to save or create image lists, apply tags or display them as favourites. In addition, this search engine does not require registration to benefit from its services. Therefore, do not hesitate to use this engine to animate your various sites and blogs! Infinity search Like DuckDuckGo and StartPage , Infinity Search protects the privacy of its users. It does not record or provide any information that could lead to the tracking of these. Although it has its own indexing system, it draws its search results from different sources.

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It contains several integrations namely HTML ditors and stock charts. Likewise, like SearX , it is an open source search engine. Kiddle Kiddle SMS Gateway Brunei is an alternative to Google dubbd the Children’s Google . Creatd in 2016, it uses Google codes and is mainly intendd for children. Although the logo and name resemble that of the American giant, Kiddle does not belong to it. Its results are filterd using the Google Safe Search function and are dividd into 3 parts. Thus, the first 3 results are intendd for children. Those between positions 4 and 7 are not necessarily suitable for young audiences.

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As for the latest results, they include sites for adults. Likewise, it does not save the data of its users. Kimages , Kpdia, news and JPB Directory videos are all features available on this engine. DarkSearch Even if Google remains essential, it does not allow the viewing of illegal content . To access this content, you have to turn to other search engines. Among them, you find DarkSearch which is quite easy to use. With it, you can perform your streaming downloads in particular.

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