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Example, most have positiond themselves on markets in their language. However, the third winning search engine is not necessarily present in the list for this reason. Inded, it is also necessary to gauge the interest of the search engines. On the one hand, suppliers such as Yandex and Seznam have establishd themselves in markets where competition is not crazy. On the other hand, we can take the example of Bing, which only capturd the British market; the search engine had the means to compete with its competitors. If we analyze the engines of the big nations, we can estimate that its competitors have taken out the checkbook.

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Also that Bing obviously did not consider it necessary, and financially interesting, to position itself elsewhere. Effectively, income Bulk SMS USA from Search Ads in the UK must be more lucrative, However, the main issue is whether this distribution of shares on Android will be beneficial to these search engines, facing competition almost impossible to counter from Google. But this seems too insignificant to bring great advances. “It is entirely an abuse of dominance to charge money for simply showing a proposal of (search engine) alternatives.

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French search engine In addition, most companies were outragd to see Google put this system of auctions. Christian Kroll, CEO JPB Directory of the German search engine, donating 80% of its profits to reforestation, Ecosia, had decidd to boycott these auctions. To conclude Despite presumd fairness, Google still managd to benefit from its preferential position, by monetizing the appearance of other search engines when Android devices start. Moreover, the current agreement for the distribution of shares is short-livd, since it will end on June 30th.

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