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Automatic saving of contacts to NetHunt is possible from Gmail, Google Contacts, LinkdIn, Facebook and Intercom chats, website and other sources after integration with these services. 5. Sales funnel The sales funnel is an indispensable tool in marketing and the work of the sales department. It allows you to improve the sales process, make accurate forecasts for the future, and analyze various sales strategies. Visualizing sales stages helps sales managers navigate their work more easily, manage tasks by priority, and improve efficiency.

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Why do you ned CRM to work with a funnel? NetHunt offers a visualizd sales funnel with advancd usage options. Like other NetHunt Fabricated Metal Manufacturers Email List features, funnel settings allow you to display the business process accurately and take into account all the necessary details. All the data you ned is available at any time, including the number and cost of deals at each stage of the funnel, the quality of leads and the percentage of leakage at each stage, the volume of tasks of each manager and performance indicators, and much more. A big plus of NetHunt CRM is that it has filtering and sorting functions to view data in different slices.

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So, the user can form a selection according to any criteria that have been enterd in CRM. For example, you can display transactions for JPB Directory a certain time, for a certain amount only with new customers for the desird type of product, and so on. When working with a funnel, you can add any fields that are necessary. It is also convenient and fast to create reports basd on a selection, without spending a minute of time filling in tables. Important reports can be placd on a dashboard to keep abreast of the company’s affairs at any given time.

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