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The OR is high and the CTR is the opposite We ne to consir why, spite the high number of openings of our emails, recipients are not interest in clicking the CTA button Perhaps the creative contains too much text that no one wants to read Or maybe the offer was present in an unwelcoming way or there was a technical problem Number of unsubscribes If your audience is unsubscribing en masse and yet your CTR is relatively satisfactory, there is probably only one possible cause. Your offer disappoint them, even though they initially gave you the opportunity to present it.

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In such a situation, it is worth looking at not the campaign itself, but the offer or the way it is present. ROI or Return On Investment This indicator simply means the profitability of our activities in this case the mailing campaign. It is express in percentage. So if, spite a high Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List level of CTR, the profitability ratio is lowyou have clear information that your goods or services are not purchas for some reason. What could be the cause Perhaps they are too expensive for the recipients of your campaigns It is possible that their quality is not satisfactory enough.

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In this case, we look closely at the product itself, but also at the selection of the mailing list. CTOR It is a more precise indicator compar to CTR. While the CTR we are JPB Directory discussing is the ratio of the number of clicks on a link to the total number of emails sent, CTOR is the ratio of the number of clicks to the number of emails open. Therefore, it does not inclu those that have been filter into the spam folr or reach the recipients at the wrong time. As you can see, you can duce a lot from the information provid by individual indicators put together.

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