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This lowers its score assign by postal provirs. In addition, inactive email addresses lower campaign statistics. Examples of hard reflections Account not foundThere is no such account Mailbox not availableAccount unavailable You won’t spoil your reputation as a senr. IP address reputation is the perception by postal services of your shipping domain. Campaign results are highly pennt on your reputation. It is worth working on your reputation, because if it is lower, it is very difficult to rebuild it. Higher ReputationBetter chance of getting where you want.

Them To Your Customers

What affects the ruction of domain reputation Appearing on blacklists Frequently marking your messages as spam Addresses in your database are nonexistent hard bounce verses Low open and click rate There may be a situation where the campaign will not reach all interest parties. In such a Canadian Email Lists situation, the uninterest Kowalski marks such a message as SPAM and in the future, most likely, a message from us will go there automatically. Another case is spamtraps, i.e. trap emails. These may be old email addresses that have not been us for a long time. Email services reserve the right to mark them as spamtraps.

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Then, when we send a campaign to such an email seemingly correct, we are immiately mark on the block list or rirect to the SPAM mailbox. The effect of this situation in the future is that our mailings do not reach all the people we want to reach or lower customer interest in your JPB Directory service and frustration of receiving unmatch offers. It can even lead to the loss of a customer. Eliminate input errors. Another factor that ruces the quality of the data is their wrong entry. When we leave a form to customers, there is a risk that a mistake will occur when entering data, a typo or the user will leave data in a different field than it should.

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