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This is a feature that is includd in the mapping software: voice commands and a convenient interface that allow you to control the phone without leaving Google Maps . You will soon be able to use your voice to write messages, make calls, open your messaging apps, and more. France is one of the 16 new countries that will be able to access Google driver assistance on Maps. As a result, it will be easier to concentrate on the road while multitasking on a smartphone.

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Quickly find answers by asking the Google Assistant the relevant questions. Also ask him to do several operations from Google Maps. Home Chiropractor Email Address delivery and collection With the coronavirus pandemic, delivery and collection have become very common in many parts of the world. To follow this dynamic, Google Maps has optd for a very useful update that displays the restaurants and businesses that offer these services. On the tool’s home page, you’ll notice two ‘ take-out ‘ and ‘ delivery ‘ buttons, below the search box.

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Application users are then entitld to new shortcuts in addition to those that were already available on the software. They can thus consult the JPB Directory list of open restaurants which will be able to provide them with meal delivery via Google Maps . This obviously has the effect of improving the user experience, since you no longer ned to resort to specializd services for delivery. Everything is done on a single interface. Also, you can see the phone numbers of businesses that deliver to your home and place your order directly. For more comfort, the application highlights the most popular dishes and the affinity score.

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