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Subscription to the newsletter When a potential customer subscribes to your newsletter, he shows a very strong interest in your company . Inded, he knows that by doing this, he will potentially receive a certain number of e-mails, which proves that the prospect is attractd by the brand. It is therefore essential to personalize the sending of the newsletter so that it feels privilegd and unique. The automatic email will allow you to thank each customer who has just subscribd to the newsletter, to plan the sending of the newsletter and to adapt according to the attractions of the customers.

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Order Confirmation It is imperative to send an email following the order of a customer, because he neds to have the summary of the order Jewelers Email List as well as the methods of sending and follow-up of the product. This will reassure him . The automation of this type of e-mail is therefore essential to save time and to be able to return to the carrier’s site so that the customer can keep an eye on his order. 4. Cart Abandonment Many people fill shopping carts on websites, unfortunately they are sometimes abandond. To arouse the customer’s interest in the site again , an email must remind him that items are waiting in his basket. This will often trigger the switch to purchase. The conversion rate will then be improvd.

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Date email To bring even more personalization, a birthday email with special attention such as a coupon or a gift can be sent to customers. It is extremely pleasing! Likewise for other holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, or according JPB Directory to the seasons. This gives the impression of a unique and personal relationship between the customer and the brand. 6. Up-selling or cross-selling email To encourage your customers to buy complementary products to the product they have just purchasd or to upgrade , an automatd email is a good idea so that the customer has the information quickly and precisely. This will increase the value of customers’ carts.

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